It’s high time to give the miners what they deserve and get this beautiful industry back up from its knees!

Double Painite Hotspot mining

CMDR Erecto Maximus, working hard to bring mining back to the galaxy!

Mining double painite hostpots is one of the most surefire ways to make billions and billions of credits. Follow the simple steps below to join that 1% club in no time!

  1. Get a ship equipped with a refinery, a collector limpet controller (get an A-rated one, more than one if you can afford it!), a prospector limpet controller, a detailed surface scanner, and as much cargo space as possible. Equip at least one, preferably two or more mining lasers and a reasonable power distributor.
  2. Either equip a semi-reasonable shield and some basic weaponry, or ask for an escort in the main channel. There will be pirates.
  3. Stock up on limpets. Station services->advanced maintenance->restock->limpet controller. 1/2 of your cargo hold will do.
  4. Use and select Painite. Go to any of the systems listed (the Hyades one is confirmed good.)
  5. Find the planet and scan the rings using your detailed surface scanner. Then find the two overlapping Painite Hotspots.
  6. Aim for the point exactly in the middle between the centers of said Hotspots.
  7. Ram your face into the rings.
  8. Start firing prospector limpets at rocks. After firing a limpet, target it and watch the bottom left panel. When it attaches, it’ll yell you the contents of the rock.
  9. If the rock has >25% Painite, approach, open your cargo hatch, release collector limpets, then start firing your mining lasers at the rock. If you’re not seeing your limpets collecting things, approach closer. The lasers are very short-range.
  10. Rinse, repeat, dump anything that gets refined but isn’t Painite.
  11. Use or the info in the miner tool to find a place to sell the Painite. Prices should be >700k per ton. 11. Use profits to get a bigger ship, rinse and repeat the entire process until you’re a billionaire.
  12. Enjoy the fact you’re bringing mining back to the galaxy, fly bigly.

Tip from CMDR Orchaedes:

If you are doing mining, it is best to do it in a wing. Asteroid contents are determined and sent to all players in the instance once, when a prospector limpet or mining laser initially activates the roid. What this means is that once the contents are determined, each player can get their own “share” from the same asteroid, the same amount as all other players. This effectively quadruples asteroid yield.