Space Force Manifest Destiny Fleet

Exploration and Utility Krait Phantom:

Great explorer and general utility ship. Makes for both a fantastic bubble taxi and a long-range exploration platform. Can be easily modified to carry small amounts of cargo for meeting those pesky engineer invite requirements. Being a medium ship with an SRV hangar, it’s also fantastic for getting those sweet, sweet guardian blueprints. Equipped with an AFMU, so you’re all set for that neutron highway trip to beagle point too.

Probing the aliens right back


Need to get somewhere in a REAL hurry? 80+ ly jump range. That’s it, though – two jumps and, unless you fuel scoop, you’re done. No AFMU, no shield, not even enough power to boost. Great for yeeting yourself across the bubble, but that’s basically it.

Across the bubble in one jump!