Space Force Deportation Fleet

AX Python:

A reasonably hull-tanky yet basic python build, perfect for taking out low-end Thargoid interceptors (Cyclopes, mostly) using hit-and-run tactics. Can’t outrun a Basilisk, so avoid those unless you’re winged up.

AX Fer-De-Lance:

Swift and shield-tanky, will take on any interceptor with some skillful flying. Can easily outrun anything, including the Basilisk. Pay attention to the module priorities and always have materials for heatsink synthesis on hand with this one.


AX Cutter:

The best of the best in taking out interceptors. Zachary Trump’s I.C.E. Raid Wagon is one of those (minus the prismatic shields). Will outrun anything except a Basilisk, which is why it’s equipped with a fighter hangar – use one as a distraction to gain some ground. Insane shields coupled with reasonable hull strength makes facetanking lower-grade interceptors a viable tactic.

CMDR Zachary Trump’s personal AX Cutter, the I.C.E. Raid Wagon