Joining MGGA is easy. Just follow these few simple steps:

  • Add CMDR Zachary Trump to your friends list via Elite’s in-game social menu
  • Visit our discord server here and introduce yourself. WARNING: This link only grants temporary membership. If you disconnect without being assigned a New Member role, you’ll get kicked! If the link doesn’t work for whatever reason, head here and let us know about it!
  • Optional: apply for membership in the in-game MGGA squadron.
  • Have fun!

When introducing yourself in our discord, please let us know if you’re a new player or someone with plenty of experience. This will define what activities we can offer you.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you’re still flying your stock Sidewinder or molesting slaves in the back of your Imperial Cutter – we’ll have you fighting Thargoids and Making Tremendous Deals in no time.

What can I expect from MGGA?

That entirely depends. If you are:

  1. A new CMDR: all sorts of assistance, from mentoring you on how to make those sweet, sweet credits to helping you make the best of your combat ship.
  2. An experienced CMDR: plenty of good company, good fun, and good, irreverent humor
  3. A Thargoid or Bug-Hugger: swift deportation.

Be warned, however: Once you go Zach, you never go back.

Who leads MGGA?

The command structure is very simple:

MGGA is led by the one, the only, CMDR Zachary Trump. The CMDR-in-chief is an especially experienced pilot. He is tireless in his pursuit of Good Deals and Safe Borders, undaunted by the difficulties such a quest entails.

He is assisted by his tireless Secretary of State, CMDR Legatus Labiatus. Always happy to provide ample moral support and pull the Great Leader out of trouble, Labiatus is in charge of helping newer CMDRs in their journeys.

With the failing Galnet Fake News being on the constant offensive, relentlessly trying to slander MGGA by not reporting on it at all, only one man is brave enough to stand as a bulwark against the torrent of messages left on read – CMDR Erecto Maximus, the Minister of Propaganda Real News. Always on the watch for vile lies, he handles our public relations.

These are the men. Not the heroes we deserve, but the heroes we need.

What are you waiting for? JOIN THEM!